Post-concussive syndrome

Went back to the ER six days later … must have a concussion because I can’t remember anything I’m being asked… and this morning I left the keys in the ignition and went ahead and walked on into my building to go to work… the security guard asked me if the lights on the car were going to go off on my car automatically and I stood there and waited for them to go off and when they didn’t I kept clicking the keys in my pocket … when that didn’t work I started to walk back over towards my car and when I opened the door the radio was on and I was like how can that be? and then I looked and the keys were in the ignition… who does that??? and why did i not realize the keys I was clicking in my pocket went to my old car not the rental!!!
The day before, I was registering my car and was asked about the color of my actual car.  I just didn’t register the question.  It did not compute.  I felt nothing in my brain at all.  The agent got frustrated and repeated the question and the second time I understood that she meant to inquire as to the color of my car.  I thought and thought and tried to remember the color.  But I couldn’t right away.  It took a bit of time and then I blurted it out as if I’d won an award for it!
Very scary.

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